The impact of product videos instead of photos on conversion

Maurice Beerthuyzen

Director Marketing & Sales

4 April 2023

3 minutes reading time

The expected results

Showing images of products on a model on a PDP sounds like a good plan, but does it also make significant contributions to conversions, revenue and other online KPIs? Producing these videos for your entire product catalog requires a significant investment. That is why it is strongly advisable to validate in advance with an A/B test whether this will have a sufficient positive impact. As a result, the customer has a business case with a clear insight into the benefits versus the costs, making this investment decision easier to make.

Prior to the experiment, it was expected that by adding on-model videos on the PDP, users would get a better impression of the product. As a result, users can better see how a garment falls and sits. Which can contribute to them daring to make a better choice faster and will proceed to add the item to their shopping cart.

The validation

In the A/B test, 1 variant was tested compared to the current version, called control. In the variant, a clickable button for viewing an on-model video has been added and it is immediately displayed by the user. The control variant consisted of a PDP with the standard photos. Immediately after the user had viewed the last image (control) or video (variant), a question appeared in the body content (Usabilla) immediately below the thumbnail: ‘Do these images help you make a decision about this product?’

The test ran for 4 weeks, so we could collect enough data to draw a reliable conclusion and make the right recommendations to our fashion client.

More conversion? More conversion!

What are the concrete figures? We have listed them for you. Showing on-model videos has a positive effect on the ‘Add to bag’ ratio and the conversion rate! Users are more likely to add a product to their shopping cart (+3.2%) and complete their order (+8.1%).

This shows that on-model videos help a user find the right garment and give them more confidence to place an order. The qualitative feedback from Usabilla confirms the positive picture. In the variant, 91% of respondents indicated that the images (including videos on the model) helped them make a decision about the product they were looking at (vs 64% in control). In addition, users in the control group indicated that they would like to see more photos, these reactions did not appear in the variant. So videos are definitely the right choice!

And the returns?

An important KPI that you have to take into account within Fashion is the return rate. How does adding on-model videos affect returns? A clear visible trend indicates a decrease in returns of the specific products with videos.

The total return rate of orders placed in the Variant were also significantly lower. For example, we saw a clear negative trend in the Return Rate (-2.4%), suggesting that customers have gotten a better impression of the product.

A future with more videos on the PDP

What can we do with these results? How can we benefit even more from these insights? For example, there are still a lot of tests that can be done. What is the best position on the page for these videos? How can we increase visibility? How can we produce and test even more detailed videos? Still plenty of tests that can be done. Also curious how you can persuade the users of your site to order? We are happy to find out with you.

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