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How to grow with CXO?

Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is the continuous process of using data and customer insights to improve your interactions with customers across all channels. With CXO we look at how we can add or optimize value at every contact moment with a customer. As humans, we tend to know what works for our customers. But usually we are wrong. By using different research methods, we discover and validate the user problem. We then validate the success of the solution through high-quality design and analysis. We prefer to work with you continuously to grow your business through various validation methods (such as A/B testing).

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CXO is coming of age. Many companies have started their own CXO program. But it is not always easy to have all the roles and knowledge in-house. Clickvalue not only helps you to start a CXO program, we can also help you with specific services needed to get the engine running. Do you need experienced developers? Creative designers? Or smart analysts? We can support you in all roles and disciplines required for a seamless CRO program.

User research

We help you understand your customers better, digging into their experiences and behaviour, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

UX Design

Our designers use the insights we learn from our research as a basis for creating new experiences and designs

A/B testing

We help you understand the impact of your proposed changes. Showing you what changes are good or bad for your bottom line.

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