ClickValue CRO Audit

Maurice Beerthuyzen

Director Marketing & Sales

17 April 2023

1 minute reading time

Thank you for your interest in a CRO Audit from ClickValue!

In the CRO audit, we create a brief report on:

  1. Goals and KPIs for CRO (are you getting everything out of your current CRO efforts?)
  2. Testing potential (where can you experiment on your website?)
  3. Business case
  4. Looking at areas for improvement for Process (all steps such as research, test idea selection, design, test setup, evaluation, implementation winner), People (what roles do you all need and how are they filled) and, Platform (what tools do you use and need).

We have created this Audit for companies that are already testing themselves, but could perhaps use some additional advice around CRO. With the results of this CRO audit, you can take concrete steps to take your CRO activities to the next level to seriously improve conversion rates.

Please provide us with the following information:

  1. Access to GA and/or Hotjar
  2. An hour of your time for an initial intake
  3. An hour of your time to review the results with us

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Maurice Beerthuyzen