Maurice Beerthuyzen

Director Marketing & Sales

2 May 2023

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Special news! ClickValue has reached the 1st position in the Emerce 100 for the 8th year in a row! In the category ‘Optimization agencies’, the agency scores 1st place with 6 stars. Maurice Beerthuyzen, director at ClickValue: “We are very proud to win this prestigious award for the 8th year in a row. We are very happy with the great collaborations with our customers over the past year. Their good valuation of our work is rewarded with this beautiful recognition. We want to thank our 30 ClickValue colleagues who work hard to grow the conversion and customer experience of our customers which resulted in this award.”

All other labels of LevelUp Group also in 1st place

The 5 other labels within the LevelUp Group have also all reached 1st (or shared 1st position) in their category. With 5.5 stars, Netprofiler has the 1st position in the category ‘Digital Marketing Agencies Large’. Cloud Nine Digital, specialist in digital analytics, is now in the list for the second year and takes 1st place in the category ‘Analytics agencies’ with 6 stars. The B2B online marketing agency Leadscope scores a joint 1st place in the small digital marketing agencies category with 6.5 stars. C2B, the creative content agency that joined the LevelUp Group in 2022, scores a shared 1st place in the Social and Content agencies with 5.5 stars. And the sixth agency of the LevelUp Group, PI Marketing, specialized in email marketing and marketing automation, scores the 1st position in the category Marketing Automation Agencies with 6.5 stars. The LevelUp Group, consisting of 6 agencies, ended up in a shared 1st position in the category “Digital marketing Groups”. Frans Appels, partner at the LevelUp Group: “This is uncredible! 6 times number 1. We will enjoy this rain of prizes for a while. Good to know, we are still looking for new colleagues. And we also have room for a few new customers.”

About Emerce100

The Emerce100 is the annual special edition of Emerce and appears this year for the eighteenth time. The results reflect how e-business decision makers rate the performance of service providers across dozens of categories. The quantitative image research is carried out by research agency Motivaction and is enriched with other relevant market data.

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Maurice Beerthuyzen