Clickvalue mentioned in FONK-150

Maurice Beerthuyzen

Director Marketing&Sales

23 November 2022

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Traditionally, many prizes and awards are presented in November. How wonderful it is that you can also score an honorable mention!

In the Fonk150, Clickvalue scored a top position in the top 50 of best scoring digital agencies. With an average of 9.23 (out of 10) we are rated very well by our customers. And of course, we are very happy with that.

On the most effective agency we scored a 9.33 and on the best business accelerator part we even scored a 9.67.

Special mention for our colleagues from Netprofiler (9.05) and C2B. The latter scored a second place in the category content creation (9.40).

The Fonk150 comes from Fonk magazine. Fonk magazine is bilingual (Dutch – English), appears every two weeks in print and as a digital magazine. It is part of the platform to which the website also belongs

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Maurice Beerthuyzen